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Conicom provides technical support for your home and office computers. This support includes Virus & Spyware removal, Broadband internet installations, PC Hardware/Software Upgrades, Network setups, and Data Recovery.

Our price schedule for PC Support is as below.

  1. Charge by hourly rate
    • $66 per visit including the 1st half-an-hour service.
    • $88 for one-hour technical support service.

  2. Charge by fixed price
    Conicom may provide you with the fixed price deal.
    Example of fixed price deal:
    • $165 when your PC can be fixed in your place.
    • $275 when your PC was picked up from your place, fixed at Conicom office and delivered back to your place.
      Typically PC support tasks are time-consuming. Depending on your hard disk size, virus scanning may take several hours. Installinging operating system may take more than an hour. If your PC requires multiple time-consuming repair tasks, the technician will take the PC away and bring it back after completing repair. We will charge only for the time during which the technician paid attention.
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